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The Allagan Infection

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

In the deepest of Allagan ruins, of the darkest part of the land lies a secret. That's the thing about secrets. They are meant to be left unknown. 

Silent Resurrection was to retrieve a secret and what they found would change the course of their lives. For buried in that technological tomb was more then a few lost researchers. It was a secret that should have stayed there. The parasite they found could twist men's minds and warp their bodies. Resurrect the memories long dead and use them to destroy your soul.  Traveling on spores, attaching itself to your spine, this perfect machine would bend you, twist you, reshape you, one painful cell at a time. 


All in the name of science. 

Role Playing

Team Mission

Real Character Consequence

Larger Story Arc

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