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Once a fierce warrior and military prodigy,
destiny had other plans for this soldier.

Growing accustomed to his new family with the rogues, Lee struggles to right the wrongs of his ancestors, all while protecting the one he loves.

L'eeim (Lee) Ryder (Tactical Officer/Master of Arms) - Once a proud soldier grinding through the ranks at unprecedented speed, Lee was assigned the prestigious rank of Tactical Officer and Master of Arms for Silent Resurrection. Without warning a dark secret from his past and a lost legacy forced Lee from the reality he once held strong. Lee, with the help from some new friends in the underworld and a new team works tirelessly to set right what once was made so wrong. Lee's unmatched skills with many and most weapons make him the perfect addition to Silent Resurrection.

L'eeim Ryder
When Lee is not exercising, training or deployed on a mission, he prefers to spend most of his free time in solitude, hunting in the forests and honing his survival skills. In constant tug-of-war with sensible training and a new passion for hunting lost treasures, Lee is rarely home when he has time off.
Lee Ryder is known as quiet, sensible and trustworthy. His bonded mate knows him as an exceptional new thief and terrible cook.
As the son of a military officer, Lee Hesperos moved around a lot and found it difficult to make and maintain friendships. His father a high ranking Officer in the Maelstrom and mother a seasoned hunter. He would spend his time training with his father or on month long trips deep in the forest honing his survival skills with his mother. Lee developed a taste for nature at a very young age and feels most at home secluded far from the troubles of society. His parents, still a very large part of his adult life, have always been proud of the many accomplishments they were able to see Lee through.
Lee began his life as Lee Hesperos. Due to a dark family secret, Lee would find out that his true identity is Lee Ryder. Part of a noble but disgraced line who's charge was the protection of a Royal family they had failed. With the support of his mother L'athea and father Ihjoto's, Lee has made it his mission to set right what went so terribly wrong and reclaim his families honor. Together with his mate, Lee's task is to reunite the Ryders and bring justice to a traitor.
Having chosen honor and truth over service, Lee has left active duty with the Maelstrom to dedicate his full self to Silent Resurrection and his mission to his family. Gaining new allies in unexpected places, Lee has added new talents to his arsenal, taught to him by the rogues and the underworld, Lee will do whatever it takes fight and destroy the evil mirroring his own eyes. 
  • Age: 25

  • Sexuality: Homosexual

  • Marital Status: Bonded to N'octic Tia

  • Height: Just below average

  • Weight: 145 ponze

  • Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun

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