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Naoh'li and Naoh'sea Polaali

Are you looking for seasoned adventurers? Twins with enough mettle to stop an army? Do you need services rendered in the professional manner? Look no further, theses are not your boys.

Armed with a passion for adventure, a desire for girls and an infinite library of books that probably don't exist. Together with their great squirrel magicks, these twins are a force unleashed onto Eorzea.

Naoh'li and Naoh'sae Polaali (Civilian brothers to Naoh'to Polaali of Silent Resurrection) - Growing up in the Shroud is no easy task for a Keeper male, let alone the rare miracle of being a twin. Until now, the boys have never been more than an hour from their safe home in the forest. Now that they are 16, there life is about to change. Hungry for adventure and Dinner #4, the twins have set out on their first adventure. What crazy things are in store for them?

In their free time, they are usually eating, planning master adventures (the likes which the world may not be ready for), honing their squirrel magic (usually confused why nothing happens) and terrorizing their older brother, forcing him to the bottle. Their lack of knowledge of the world takes a back seat to their incredible imaginations. Having read millions of books about all subjects (none of which may exist), the twins are never at a loss for grand ideas.
When the twins were no more than a single season, their family was rocked by the tragic loss of their oldest brother Naoh'a Polaali. This tragedy carved deep wounds in the family, driving the twins and their oldest surviving brother closer than imaginable. Struggling to be males in a female dominated society, they rely on each other for love and comfort and guidance. Nothing in the world is strong enough to come between the three Polaali boys.
Naoh'to Polaali is the sage hero by which the twins design all their goals and dreams. Naoh'li and Naoh'sae revere their brother higher than any parent. Having recently left the forest to find his own path, the twins are hot on his heels to prove to him that they are worthy of the constant love and protection he shows them. Hoping to one day be a fraction the hero and adventurer Naoh'to is, the twins will brave any obstacle … except spiders... not spiders... They will brave almost any...  or snakes. Especially the big ones... The twins will brave some obstacles.
Upon setting off on their very first adventure, 'Li and 'Sae were quickly taken in by the great Sea Side City of Limsa Lominsa. After a few misunderstandings over some fish futures and a short stay in a cell, they were on their way to greatness.  Well, they did need to pay back 32,000 gils to the restaurant, but after many dish washing adventures, they were definitely making their mark on this new land. The twins would find a home eventually in their brothers new company where they would meet many new and interesting faces.
  • Age: 16 (Naoh'li older by 3 min.)

  • Sexuality: There are options?

  • Marital Status: Single and Inseparable

  • Height: Short

  • Tail: So fluffy

  • Weight: 105 ponze (210 together)

  • Race: Miqo'te, Keepers of the Moon

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