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"Being a healer. I will tend the broken bones, the open wounds and the frail souls of men and mend them"

N'ovus Vayo (Medical Officer) - A young mixed breed Miqo'te who posses a heightened aether towards the curative spells of healing.  A natural and growing talent within the realm of conjuring and healing arts, he does what he can to always learn more.  Seeking to improve his abilities with healing and to be more reliable to those who are wounded.  

N'ovus Vayo
N'ovus consumes knowledge at all times. In his free time, you will always find him hiding in a library absorbing book after book. His passion and his need for knowledge is insatiable. A collector of rare and unique spells, N'ovus leans on his friend N'octic to explore and uncover ancient tombs in some of the most dangerous and unusual places.
When not reading, N'ovus enjoys experimentation with White Magic. He is inspired and intrigued by the Great Magi war and aspires one day to explore and unravel the mysteries of Amdapor.

Finally, if you can get him away from his work, N'ovus is a stead fast beacon of strength for the ones he cares about. Always a trusted confidant to his friends. Always there to pick them up whether in battle or just being a shoulder to lean on.
Novus young.png
N'ovus does not remember his parents. Something that weighs heavily on his mind to this day. He was taken in and raised by the officials of Gridania. The reasoning for the Seed Seers decision is not clear other than the fact that she sees an unusually strong affinity to white magics. N'ovus choose to "give back" to his protectors by joining the ranks of the Adders at a very young age. His skills and passion for magic propelled him through the ranks, becoming one of the youngest officers in Adder history. 
Seeing his skill far surpassing the need and control of the Adders, The Elder Seed Seer hand picked N'ovus to become the Chief Medical Officer for a new company the alliance was designing in secret. A group of rag tag experts who could use their exceptional skills to further the mission of the Alliance as a whole. N'ovus made fast friends with the rest of the team and takes great pride in his work with Silent Resurrection. As the Chief of Medicine and one of the strongest mages, N'ovus tends to be the voice of logic and reason for the sometimes scattered planning of such a diverse group of professionals. 
  • Age: 19

  • Height: 5'8"

  • Weight: 150lbs

  • Eye Colour: Dark Green

  • Race: Miqo'te, Mixed, Keeper of the Moon/Seeker of the Sun

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