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A simple Miqo'te with large dreams.
Quirky, kind, and curious about everything.  

Whenever N'octic is around, trouble isn’t too far behind - or ahead. Probably everywhere, actually.

N'octic Tia (Commander/Recon and Intel Officer) - A street urchin turned rogue, N'octic is the de facto leader of the Resurrection. Time on the streets has taught him how to survive by thieving and remaining undetected by all but the most perceptive of foes. While his mind often comes across as disorganized, with unfamiliar concepts seemingly confusing the Miqo'te, his abilities and knowledge of the underworld's workings cannot be denied.

N'octic Tia
In his free time, N'octic (Noc to his close friends or people that don't know how to say N'octic correctly) can be seen hanging out with his friends, exercising, drinking, wearing silly costumes ("cause it's fun" -Noc) and usually eating something with sugar in it.
Noc is known by many to be kind, quirky, funny and mostly confused in conversation.
Very little is known about N'octic's start. He was brought to Thanalan as an infant from unknown origins. N'octic did not know his parents. Their status and whereabouts is unknown. N'octic likes to fantasize about them being great pirates, royal leaders, great explorers or just regular Miqo'te thinking about him sometimes.
N'octic's only known family is his "brother" Dalmas Lenden. Not a lot is known about the origin of their relationship. While hard to pin down, Dalmas drops into Noc's life from time to time to shower him with gifts, rustle his hair and tell him tales of his charity work and world travels. Dalmas also taught N'octic to read and write as well as mathematics.
After moving to Limsa Lominsa, N'octic was recruited by the Rogue's guild. Here he expanded his family to the guild and became fast friends with even the hardest member. N'octic learned quickly and started to excel. N'octic is revered in the guild for his kindness, love of (most) children, friend to (most) creatures, his ability to get into trouble everywhere he went and his unending need of sugar, usually in the form of dango.
  • Age: Thinks he is 20 (Dalmas says 19)

  • Sexuality: No preference

  • Marital Status: Bonded to L'eeim (Lee) Ryder

  • Height: Short

  • Tail: Short (and shut up about it)

  • Weight: Less then Jaxy's axe

  • Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun

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