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"Our dreams will never die"

Mizuki is a young raen who is inexperienced to many things and has her own insecurities within herself. Her main one being her blind eye, which she covers with her hair in hopes no one will notice.  Though she is blind in one eye along with her vision in the other eye deteriorating, she experiences moments where she has spouts of blurred vision or mild blindness in her good eye. Despite this she keeps her spirits high and has a positive outlook on life.  

Mizuki Rokuyari


In Mizuki's spare time she enjoys playing different kinds of musical instruments. Though no matter how much she practices she is no good at actually playing them as they should.  Despite this she continues to play. Playing instruments brings her great joy and she dreams of one day being good enough to play in front of many people who have come far and wide to see her talents.

The lineage of the Rokuyari family line was being retainers for a noble family that had great influence on the land.  Throughout the years however the noble family's power and wealth diminished until eventually they faded into obscurity, even with the nobility lost the Rokuyari stayed by the sides of those who were always kind to them and were like family.   

  • Age: 16

  • Height: 4'8"

  • Weight: 110lbs

  • Eye Colour: Green

  • Race: Au Ra, Raen

Eventually the impoverished nobles severed their ties with the Rokuyari family retainers when they no longer could support them. Allowing them to seek out a better life knowing they could never return to a noble lifestyle.   With this new freedom the Rokuyari had they decided to start a new life for them on their own  terms and dissolved their station with being retainers. 

During Mizuki's childhood she was energetic/ full of life.  Living in the moment carefree as a child should despite having a blindness.   The small village she grew up in treated her as their own and watched over her with a protective eye.  The village treated each person as one of their own family members.  Helping out when needed, taking care of each other and provided support for everyone.  The adults made sure to maintain and provide a safe environment for all the children.  Keeping Mizuki's blindness in mind too.

Ever since childhood Mizuki enjoys music, flowers, nature, the night sky and the sounds of the ocean.  All of these are things she enjoys the most.  She enjoys learning new things about multiple things.  She tries to keep her mind open to new possibilities.   She is quick to learn new things however she is rather slow to master those new skills she has aquired.

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