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T'atoa Tia

A fabled savage boy now in an exciting, and scary new land.

Fearing for his safety in a land filled with strife and violence, E'dek and friends take T'atoa to Eorzea in hopes to find a more stable environment. 

T'atoa Tia- Legends speak of a fabled savage boy, deep in the forests, that could hit an insect from 1000 malms with his bow, even if those insects were as large as a man's head. Raised in an unorthodox family, T'atoa (Tat to those close), has only known a life in the wilderness. Without large claws or fangs, Tat had to resort to other means to hunt and gather his food. His uncanny ability to mimic other people or animals as well as his incredible senses made him quite equipped to join the Silent Resurrection Family.

In his free time, Tat enjoys time in nature, roaming aimlessly or meeting new animal friends. His curiosity has a habit of getting him into trouble, but Tat, armed with immense survival skills and extra natural senses always manages to find a way out.
T'atoa is known to many as someone who is sweet and curious. He is also known to hate clothes and baths and it is a constant struggle within Silent Resurrection to get the boy to at least wash the mud off before entering the house.
Youngtat After.png
Tat does not know anything about his real parents. Having only known the structure of a pack and it's rigid hierarchy, Tat tends to stay close to a chosen few. With a warm heart and fierce loyalty when Tat chooses someone for his pack, it is until death.  E'dek, his best friend, alongside the coeurls that raised him, are what he considers his true family.
E'dek Rason thought the legend of the savage boy was just a myth until he happened upon a wounded boy on the edge of the forest. After long sessions of healing and trust building, E'dek and T'atoa grew closer and closer, eventually getting to the point where Tat found himself not wanting to be without his friend, vowing to stay with him and follow him anywhere.
When E'dek left the great forest, it was with a heavy heart Tat said goodbye to his pack. Tat's instincts knew he needed to be there for E'dek and to keep him safe so he left his most trusted brother, a courl named Momoa in charge of the forest in his absence.
After moving to Eorzea, T'atoa struggles with finding a place in his new family. With so much to explore and so many new friends to get to know, he finds himself venturing out on long journeys to discover a brand new world even when others urge him to stay close. It is not uncommon for Tat to be gone on one of his adventures for weeks on end, only keeping E'dek Rason aware of his exact location. 
  • Age: Unknown (E'dek thinks 18)

  • Sexuality: Demiromantic

  • Marital Status: Unknown

  • Height: Short

  • Weight: 115 ponze

  • Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun

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