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U'saar Tia

"No idea what you're talking about. I'm just a cat from the Sagolii."

An intellect who never seems to sleep. U'saar has a passion and drive to study all things related to aether and the magic it creates.

U'saar Tia (Arcane Officer) - A mysterious seeker from the Sagolii Desert, U'saar is the arcane officer for the Silent Resurrection company. He is a master arcanist registered with both the Thaumaturges Guild in Ul'dah and the Arcanists Guild in Limsa Lominsa whose unnatural talents in the arcane eventually got him assigned to the company. Although much remains unknown about his identity, he has proven an invaluable ally with his knowledge of the arcane and sheer arcanic might.

Free Time.png

In his free time, U'saar likes to strip himself of most of the sophisticated demeanor that he carries around his company peers - with the exception of his best friend, N'octic. To his other friends, he plays the part of an ordinary miqo'te from the Sagolii who enjoys drinks and fun and is a bit of a flirt with people he finds attractive, having a preference for other men. Towards his best friend, this behavior becomes wholely genuine.

He is known by all friends as kind and loyal who would not hesitate to defend those he loves with his own life if necessary. To those who work with him, U'saar never seems to sleep and is constantly focused on his work.


On paper, U'saar was born to a U-Tribe of seekers in the Sagolii Desert and grew up under the nuhnship of one U'nthal Nuhn who remains the tribe's nuhn. He was a fun-loving sagolii seeker who enjoyed all manners of activities with his tribemates. Due to the loss of a beloved mate one night, he was granted permission to leave his tribe and make a new life for himself within the city of Ul'dah out of grief, later moving to Limsa where he made new friends.

Within Limsa, U'saar joined the Arcanist's Guild where he began to study magic, quickly showing a lot of promise in short time. He was recently awarded master rank within the guild. It is within Limsa where he met his new friends, most notably his best friend N'octic, a kind-hearted rogue who is not unlike U'saar in many ways.

  • Age: 26

  • Sexuality: Bisexual (Male-Leaning)

  • Marital Status: Single

  • Height: Above-average

  • Weight: 130 ponze

  • Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun

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