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The Black Cross

“There’s only one thing more stupid than stupid rules, and that’s the victims who follow them.”

What do pirates dream of when they sleep? It is not said, but the Black Cross is what they dream of just before they wake screaming. This pirate organization is better regarded as a crew of the darkest demons then pirates. A crew where "take no prisoners" simply means "If the women and children are no good as slaves, then make them scream on their way to the Gods"
Not all missions are created equal but when the orders come down with the assumption of losing half of your team to death... or worse, you take it seriously. Silent Resurrection was singularly tasked to rescue hostages from the heart of the Cross. Their individual skills would be tested as would be their metal. 

One of the most scaring assignments the team would face, left with real consequence and the deaths of some of their own. 

Role Playing

Team Mission

Real Character Consequence

Larger story arc

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