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The Sea Swallows All

“Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.”

The Maelstrom hides a dark secret. Lurking behind a child, before an accident, somewhere beyond the docks. But like all storms, they must end. 

When the newest Silent Resurrection Officer set to investigate a missing person, they could not be prepared for the dark truth they would uncover. Hidden in plain sight were the instruments of terror. What started as greed became obsession and the countless lives destroyed in the storms wake. Captain Lee Hesperos would uncover a secret organization hidden, draped in the banner of his precious command. How deep it would go, how twisted it would become. The Captain started looking for a simple street rat but would find much more. Would he bring the ones to trade lives as cattle to justice or would they destroy him first?

Role Playing

Individual Mission

Real Character Consequences

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