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The Ultimate Sacrifice

"A pawn that knows they are a pawn, quickly becomes a Knight"

In a land of countless calamities, there are going to be losses. For the youngest member of Silent Resurrection he would travel to the heart of such devastation to confront his past, present and come to terms with his future. 

Growing up on the street teaches you many things.  It provides the freedom to be anything you want. N'octic would dream of his parents. Wonder where they were and if they were thinking of him. When he ran away from the only family he knew, he would not be ready for the truth in who his parents were. 

It would take the whole of Silent Resurrection to combat impossible odds and pull off one miracle after another all in quest to find their lost friend. Ready to help him carry out his mission.


His mission to die. 

Role Playing

Team Mission

Real Character Consequance

Larger Story Arc

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